Wix or WordPress? See which platform to choose to create an amazing site

Many architects and interior designers, when creating their websites, are always in doubt as to which platform to choose: Wix or WordPress.In this text we will rightly show the main advantages and disadvantages of creating a website in Wix or WordPress and give you all the information necessary for you to make the best choice when designing your site.

But before we get started, see how to build an architecture site and attract the right customers.

Wix or WordPress? Advantages and disadvantages 

Before all of this, a little bit of history for you to know what Wix is ​​and what is WordPress.

What is Wix?

Launched in 2006, the company already has more than 100 million people who have already created a website and are present in more than 180 countries. The Wix is valid for any type of profession. From architects and designers to photographers, lawyers, journalists, etc.The great purpose of Wix is ​​to be a complete, yet not complex, platform. On the contrary. His big differential is to be extremely simple, practical, usual and easy to handle even if you do not understand anything about technology. Wix has both a free version and a paid version.

What is WordPress?

The WordPress is an excellent platform for promotion of Internet content. So much so that 28% (more than 50 million) of the sites present on the internet today use it. It is basically a blog system, but depending on the plugins (components with additional functions) and themes that you install and use, it may turn into several other types of website.WordPress is also super simple to use once it is installed and configured. Moreover, just because of all the plugins mentioned above is one of the most complete tools for anyone who wants to have a website or start producing content on the internet. Also it has the free option besides owning specific themes for the market of interior decoration and (later the text I will show you).seo Link Building

Wix or WordPress? Still in doubt?

Do not worry. What we said above was only to give a bigger context on the platforms of creation of sites and to illustrate a little the size and importance of each company in the market.Below you can go deeper into each one.

Main advantages of creating a Wix site

Ease of Use

Without a doubt Wix is ​​the best company when it comes to usability and ease of use. There is not much secret about how to create a website on Wix. The site was completely built for those who do not understand anything about technology at all.Everything is done in the “drag and drop” system, which in a literal translation could be something like “drag and drop”. Editing images and texts is very simple to do and you have infinite possibilities of shapes, buttons, fonts, colors, etc.That is, you can really do something in a very fast and practical way.Point to Wix in that part!


Wix support is also far better than WordPress. They have more than 40 categories with hundreds of responses to the total. It’s almost impossible for you to have a question that is not within the help center’s answers. And if you need to talk to someone they also have a team of experts to help you.This greatly facilitates your understanding of the process and even makes everything faster, since you have the answer to any problem always at your disposal. After all, the answers are extremely didactic.This is a great example of how relationship automation can help improve communication with your customers. Learn more in our post.What is AMP

Hosting and responsive site

In Wix you do not have to worry about hosting your website, because when you create it, Wix already makes the hosting for you. Besides, you do not need anyone with the technical ability to do that.In addition, Wix sites are also responsive, which means they can also be viewed in high quality and respecting the user experience on mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Main disadvantages of Wix

He is jealous and possessive (lacking flexibility)

When you create a Wix site you will not be able to transfer that site to another location or platform. That is, once in Wix, always in Wix. If you want to do something different or on another platform you will have to make your website again.This is very damaging, because if you want to change the theme, or if your business has grown and needs features that Wix does not allow you, you will have to build everything from scratch again. Nothing exciting, huh?In addition Wix “only” has 200 plugins and just over 500 themes. If you do not find an ideal theme among these options you will not have much to do. And if you choose a theme it’s also tricky to change the design of your site in the future.

And it may seem that there are many plugins, but compared to the more than 50,000 plugins that exist in WordPress, 200 is little.


Although free, the free version of Wix is ​​very poor, and you can not remove ads from Wix itself inside your site.So if you want to have a minimally customizable website you have to use the paid version. The value really is nothing too expensive and starts from $ 9.50 and goes up to $ 57.29 (which is already a fairly considerable price since the plans are annual plans). To pay monthly this amount would go to $ 69.00 per month.

Shared Environment

The positive aspect of free hosting can also be a downside. As it is something at no cost and responsibility of Wix, it ends up putting you in a shared environment with other companies.So, as your site grows, gets more hits, or gets better known, you run a serious risk of having an instability on your site, slowing it down, or even being out of thin air.Now that we have seen 3 advantages of creating a site in Wix and 3 disadvantages of Wix, how about we also analyze WordPress?

Main advantages of creating a website in WordPress


Unlike Wix which is quite inflexible, WordPress allows you full freedom. You can switch from more than 3,000 themes whenever you want and use the more than 50,000 available plugins.

In addition, you have to create a website in WordPress the way you want, you can customize the site according to your wishes and create the design and functionality that you think is appropriate. You own the site. And in the future, if you want to change hosting or layout or evolve your platform, WordPress lets you do that.

Features and features

WordPress is one of the most complete website building platforms on the internet. You have access to plugins basically for everything you need:IF THE

  • Social networks
  • Contact Form
  • Most Viewed Pages
  • Help on navigation

And thousands more. And the overwhelming majority of plugins are free and very easy to install.

Ideal for blogging and content production

Currently one of the main forms of digital marketing is creating content and having a blog.Did you know that 93% of the buying processes start online? And that more than 80% of customers prefer companies that produce content over those that only make commercials?

This shows the strength that educating the market currently has. With this, nothing better than having access to the best plugins and tools for content production. And this really is only possible in WordPress.

Taking advantage of what we are talking about blog, see how to create a successful blog and attract your target audience .

Main disadvantages of WordPress

Difficult installation for those who do not understand technology

To set up a website and put it on the air you will probably need help or pay someone to do the work if you do not have technical knowledge.WordPress really is extremely simple once they are installed and configured, but this initial process really is a bit more complicated than Wix.


Here is not necessarily a disadvantage, but if we compare with Wix you can get in here.You need to pay the hosting part if you decide to use WordPress. And you also need help for someone setting this up for you. So this may involve some additional costs.

However, you will have the enormous advantage of having a more secure environment that will prevent your site from being blown up or being attacked.Learn more about how a web site’s hosting and domain works and establish your web registration.


Although it’s extremely easy to use compared to Wix and its drag-and-drop system, WordPress is actually less intuitive and can take a little longer for you to find the features you want and customize the site the way you do would you like.

And now? Choose Wix or WordPress?

Now that you know how to create a website in Wix or WordPress, it’s time to make your choice.But this is a very personal decision and depends a lot on the moment that your company finds itself. In general we indicate WordPress as the best solution because it is a complete, scalable, customizable and free platform.


If you want a simple website that you can create alone, have a good design, but you are aware that you can not change almost anything in it later and that if your company grows it could be a great risk, you can use Wix no problem.However, if you want a more complete website with the best tools on the market, with the plugins for you to have the best digital marketing practices and that allow you to change and change the design, hosting and other factors as often as you like, then you should to use WordPress.

Checklist: Wix or WordPress?

  • Easier to create a site: Wix
  • Legal design: both
  • Customization: WordPress
  • Plugins: WordPress
  • Easy change: WordPress
  • More suitable for blogs: WordPress

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