What is MYSQL.?

what is mysql

Today we will learn what mysql is. What is mysql .  history of mysql in hindi mysql database usage of   mysql databases features of mysql database In this post I am going to answer some such questions related to mysql. I hope you will definitely find your answer. What is MYSQL.

MYSQL is an independently available Oracle-backed open source relational database management system rdbms   that uses Structured Query Language sql. Mysql’s development started in 1994 by a Swedish company mysql ab. Sun Microsystems sun microsystems acquired mysql ab in 2008 and mysql was sold to Sun Microsystems by Oracle Corporation oracle corporation in 2010. Sql language sql structured query language Adding content to the database is the most popular language for accessing access and managing. It is mostly used because of its q quick processing  reliability and easy to use .What is MYSQL.

Due to mysql database II being the most widely used relational database management system, it is very important to learn this database if you are thinking of developing database driven applications. Whether you want to be a  web developer or a software developer or a programmer then the mysql database should be one of the mandatory databases in your learning list. If you do not yet know mysql database or if you are new to any database then you can teach mysql database. If you want to learn php  python perl or ruby ​​ruby So you should learn mysql as well as this  database that is used by most developers. Google websites Facebook Twitter  Wikipedia Youtube  popular websites like youtube also use mysql database. So let us now learn about mysql database in detail. What is MYSQL.

what is mysql

what is MYSQL database

MYSQL is an open-source RDBMS relational database management system software that is used to manage digital data store and management of digital data. mysql is owned by oracle corporation  and is owned by sql microsoft. mysql is the world’s most popular open-source database. It is free to download and use. MySQL is used on windows operating systems like Windows Linux Linux Mac OS MacOS. mysql use xampp And also on famous web server like lamp. Nowadays mysql database is used to create website with php based content management system cms such as wordpress  joomla  drupal  silverstripe  cake php modx concrete 5  php fusion  cms made simple php Wiki  etc.

 MYSQL supported platforms

  • Windows 2000 windows NT
  • linux redhat messenger libraries Debian
  • Embedded Linux Montavista Lynuxworks BlueCat
  • Unix Solaris HP-UX AX bsd mac AS x FreeBSD

 features of MYSQL database

  • MYSQL database an open source  database Which means that we do not need any permission from anyone to use it nor do we have to give any kind of money to us You can use it for free.
  • In MYSQL we can store large amounts of data, we can store more than 5 million row row in one table.

 MYSQL database access uses

  • MYSQL relational database management system is a  based on SQL sql structured query language. MySQL is used for various purposes, including data warehousing  e-commerce and logging applications etc. However the most common use for mysql is done for the purpose of web database .


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