What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?

Today we will learn what is javascript what is javascript .History of javascript . Features of javascript .advantages of  javascript disadvantages of javascript So as we know Javascript is a client-side web programming scripting language that is primarily object-oriented programming pro Works on the principle of gramming. If you want to be a web developer or web designer , you will also need to learn JavaScript  along with html  css because javascript is very useful for inserting  animation on your website.

Javascript used to logical conditions in a website It is also done to handle example user name and password matching. Just as you code a website in HTML and designed it with the help of CSS, using Javascript, you can add dynamic elements like slider display alert button popup to your website. This is a client-side scripting language called client-side scripting language, which means that it executes  on the web browser and does not have any connection with the server server. Javascript is an object oriented language and programmers can create or delete their own objects objects. Javascript is a powerful scripting language, as well as a very lightweight programming language lightweight programming language which makes it very different from other popular programming languages ​​such as C C++ or java.

what is java script

hello world program in javascript

<title>My Firt JavaScript File </title>
<script type="text/javascript" >
document.write("Hello World");
Hello, World!

javascript history

javascript was created by brendan ech brendan eich in 1995. Brendan Eich is co-founder co-founder of Mozilla Project . Javascript’s first name was LiveScript script, then Netscape  changed it to javascript . Javascript’s file extension. js and it works in almost all the famous web browsers like google chrome google chrome  mozilla firefox  internet explorer safari web browser opera web browser  maxthon web browser  UC Browser  Netscape Web browser etc.

Javascript version

  • javascript 1.1 was released on August 19, 1996.
  • javascript 1.2 was released on June 11, 1997.
  •  javascript 1.3 was released on October 19, 1998.
  • javascript 1.4 was released in 1999 with Netscape server-side javascript.
  •  javascript 1.5 Release Date 14 November 2000 ..
  • javascript was released on 1.6 November 2005.
  • javascript was released on October 1. 2006.
  •  javascript 1.8 was released in June 2008 ..
  •  javascript 1.8 1 was released on June 30, 2009.
  •  javascript 1.8.2 released on 22 June 2009.
  •  javascript 1.8 5 was released on July 27, 2010.

 Features of JavaScript

  • Javascript is an object-oriented language . However, how to handle object  and  inheritance in javascript is a bit different from pure object oriented programming languages ​​like Java and c++, pure object oriented programming languages. Due to this being easy to learn and use JavaScript, most object-oriented concepts also support .
  •  javascript web browser Execute  in the web browser i.e. it can be run in a compiled web browser.
  • JavaScript case sensitive  .
  • Each statement in JavaScript ends with semicolon.
  •  Most javascript control statements syntax c++ The programming language is similar to the syntax of the control statements.
  •  One important feature of javascript is that it can create new functions within the script. Function is declared in Javascript using function keywords.
  •  Javascript is known as Lightweight Scripting Language.
  •  Javascript client side can be used along with server side.
  •  Javascript supports almost all the popular web browsers  and operating system .
  • Javascript has the ability to detect the user’s browser and operating system, which allows your script to perform  dependent operations based  when necessary. Javascript also allows simple arithmetic calculations on  the client side Javascript user’s Validating the input also validates. For example, JavaScript Encoder embeds on a website, instead of numeric input, try typing a few letters instead. You will receive a warning invalid input chars Javascript.

benefits advantages of javascript

  • speed – Being client-side JavaScript is very fast because any code functions can be run immediately rather than connecting to the server and waiting for a reply. Even without connecting to the server, the javascript code becomes accusible, which gives it some speed advantage.
  • cross platform – It works smoothly in any operating system and famous web browser. Such as google chrome google  mozilla firefox   internet explorer windows operating system Linux based OS mac OS  Ubuntu  unix android  etc.
  •  simplicity – Javascript is relatively easy to learn and implementations.
  •  server load – Due to client side, request  decrease on the server because JavaScript is executable in web browser and low load on server.
  • updates Javascript periodically updates .

Javascript’s disadvantages

  • client-side security – JavaScript code is executable on users’ computers, so there is some security vulnerability  in it.
  • execution vary – javascript can work differently on browsers i.e. its output is not consistent on all platforms.
  • No support for network applications – Javascript network applications can not work with network applications because JavaScript There is no support  available.

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