What is Google AMP?

What is Google AMP? Knowing the features that can help you optimize your company’s mobile site is critical to the success of your business. Unlock the secrets of the AMP and get out in front of the competition on the biggest site in the world.

Did you know that about 40% of people leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load ?

The truth is that KISSmetrics data only confirms something that we do every day, after all who has the patience to wait for a page to load being that we need something agile and that does not hamper us in the accomplishment of another task?

That is why, since 2015, Google prioritizes the ranking of search results on sites that invest in this agility, especially those focused on mobile versions.After all, according to the Getúlio Vargas Foundation of São Paulo, Brazil already has more than 220 million active smartphones, that is, more than one per inhabitant.Therefore, to ensure the visitor has a good experience, in addition to gaining a good position in Google and even increase the visibility of your brand, you need to understand what AMP is and how to optimize your site.

So if you want to know more about what AMP Google is, Accelerated Mobile Pages, check out the content:

What is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages?

AMP, or mobile accelerated pages, is a Google project with the goal of optimizing websites with the following purpose: to promote faster loading on smartphones .

Remember when we explain what SEO is and we talk about how this set of website optimization techniques is essential when it comes to displaying quality content to your site visitor?So, Google AMP is a search engine response to the need to enhance the user experience, which increasingly accesses content on mobile devices.For this, as we can see in the site of the AMP Google project , it came to make life easier for those who want to create a fast, attractive and good performing website regardless of the device used to be accessed.

In addition, it can also integrate and optimize other AMP Google pages to your company’s application.This way the user can even exit the platform, but will not miss the agile experience of an AMP app.Now let’s get to the next topic to better understand how AMP Google works.

How Google AMP works

Basically, accelerated mobile pages consist of creating faster pages in a very simple way.That’s because Google AMP has a Java Script library to implement all best performance practices.To do this, it will provide an HTML tag for you to create the accelerated page for mobile devices .In addition, it is JS that will also ensure that changes are rendered quickly and have a smooth operation.So you only have to add programming language markup to your site structure, so you’ll have an optimized and easily viewed page every time it’s accessed from a mobile device.Finally, with the help of Google Cache AMP you can rest assured that your performance check, because this is exactly your function.The validation system performs a series of tests which confirm that the page marking meets the HTML specification of the AMP.It can also log validation errors directly from the browser when the page is rendered, allowing you to see how errors in running accelerated mobile pages can affect the user experience.

Advantages of accelerating pages for mobile devices with AMP

As we saw in our list of 9 reasons why you should have a  responsive website , a simple change in the configuration of your page can bring impressive results to the reality of your business.That’s because although Google has not yet officialized this criterion, it privileges sites that have a version of Accelerated Mobile Pages when it comes to ranking the results of a search .

And those who fulfill these and other requirements within seo techniques tend to occupy a prominent position on the most viewed web page in the world.In fact, it usually even signals the pages that have the code AMP seo!

This will increase the visibility of your brand and attract more visitors to your site , and may even increase your conversion rate.

So instead of asking “why should I invest

How to optimize your pages with Google AMP?

To optimize your site with the AMP seo according to the instructions of the project itself, you need to know a little programming.That’s because when you access the step-by-step page it will give you a series of codes to insert into the structure of your website and thus make it one of the accelerated mobile pages.But if you are one of the users of the WordPress platform life becomes much simpler.After all, just download a plugin through GitHub and install it in the tool just like any other extension.This step is already halfway through, because it will now be up to you to just activate the plugin to just add the / amp / code in the URL of each content you create.If your link does not allow changes, the marking to be inserted should be 😕 Amp = 1 .When it comes to optimizing external links for use in your company’s application, there is not much escape, and a basic understanding of programming is required.

But on their website there is also a simple step-by-step able to assist those who wish to integrate an AMP app.

Reach the top of Google with the help of AMP seo

In this publication you learned what AMP Google is and saw this: it is only a feature that can optimize the pages accessed by a mobile device.And this is a trend that has come to stay, after all the day-to-day tasks make us look for a simple and affordable way to go online.No wonder Google has given priority to those sites that have the AMP seo in its structure, so if you want to increase the visibility of your company can not escape this feature .Finally, after introducing the concept of what AMP is, you have discovered how it works and still show you the way of the stones in optimizing your company’s website.

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