What is ajax?

what is ajax ?

ajax is a web development technique, all popular websites are using this technique such as gmail facebook google twitter youtube and many others The full form of ajax is asynchronous javascript and xml. Ajax is a client-side client-side script that communicates with the server database. Ajax is a powerful powerful language that can run on the client side rather than the script server server. Which helps to get information from the server server on the web page without refreshing your web page web page. ajax is not a programming programming language but yes it is the technology to use existing web programming languages ​​together to make web browsing the web browsing experience very fast and better. Ajax Web Application is a web development technique for creating web applications. Today we will learn what ajax is ajax . ajax request types of ajax request  ajax how it works how ajax works Features of ajax in hindi Features of ajax in hindi Ajax loss disadvantages of ajax  In this post I am going to answer a few questions related to ajax. I hope you will definitely find your answer.

Ajax uses xhtml for content and is used with CSS for presentation of CSS document object model and dynamic content display. Ajax is used extensively in creating a dynamic website dynamic website because the complete process of ajax is in the backend backend and data data can be brought from the server on the web page without loading it. Many web applications running on the Internet Internet web applications Ajax ajax technology Use.

Such as google gmail youtube google maps facebook twitter etc. Ajax is by far the most rich internet application ria technology. This web development industry is giving tremendous speed and many toolkit toolkit and framework frameworks are being released in it. But in addition AJAX has browser incompatibility and it is supported by  javascript which is difficult to maintain and debug debugs. Learning ajax is a great achievement for any web developer web developer. If you know HTML html css   javascript and  xml well you can learn ajax  very easily.

ajax syntax


ajax can be used in two different ways javascript and jquery Both ways of using ajax are different, with the Javascript method you need to work on an online server online server because the ajax web server that requests a request to the web server is only possible when the web http protocol is an active web Be the page However, with the jquery method, you can use ajax on the local host local computer because here we do not directly request the http request which is done by jquery. Ajax simply sends a request request to the server server in background background and updates the part of the web page web page where the user had an event event by user, so it will work without refreshing the web page again and hence Ajax is becoming widely used in web development.


Google initially adopted this technology when its developers were working on Gmail Gmail and today this technology is a widely used technology by ajax web developers.

Types of ajax request 

Ajax has a very important role to play in request. Based on the request request, it is decided that page elements page elements will be loaded synchronously or asynchronously load. Most event requests are sent when an event event is generated. Javascript  and xml http object are used for this.

The ajax request is divided into 2 categories. 

1: synchronous when you execute the execution of any other code to the browser browser before waiting for the ajax request to complete If you want to do this, you will send this type of request. The open system’s async parameter is false for this type of request. This type of request request is not recommended.

2: asynchronous This type of request is done in processing  background processing, which is one of the features of ajax. The value of the async parameter for this type of request is true defined. By default ajax request is only sent in asynchronous mode.

How ajax works

1: user starts an event event in a web page web page The page is loaded when a button is clicked.

2:  Then your xml http request object creates the creation and your http  request goes to the  server.

3: The server produces  response process by httprequest process and Sends  data .

4: Browser  javascript updates  your page content page using javascript.

Features of ajax

  • This web page makes  faster.
  • This server is independent independent of the technology server technology.
  •  The ajax web page enhances the performance of the web page.
  • There is no need to reload the entire website again when clicking on any submit button  in ajax.
  • There is no need to reload the entire webpage in ajax, in which some parts of the web page are reloaded.
  • In addition to obtaining the xmlhttp object, all processing  is the same for all browser types because JavaScript is used in it.
  • The use of ajax interactive web applications development of interactive web applications .

 Ajax benefits advantages

  • Ajax reduces  communication between client and server.
  •  Ajax communicates on http protocol.
  • The ajax server technology works independently on server technology.
  • In addition to obtaining the ajax xmlhttp object, all the processing is the same for all browser types as it is used in javascript.
  • Ajax is used to develope faster and more evocative web applications develope.
  •  AJAX based applications use very little server bandwidth  because it does not need to reload all pages.

Ajex Losses

  • Ajax Not Work all Browser.
  • Big search engine like google bing search engine Ajax  pages indexes correctly indexing is not able to.
  •  The ajax application lacks security.
  • Anyone can see source code written by ajax source code.
  •  It can increase the time of  design and  development.

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