What are backlinks and why they are important to SEO?

What are backlinks ? This is one of the most common questions for anyone who is learning about SEO and seeking the best placements in the search engines.

Among the many factors that involve an SEO strategy, backlinks are undoubtedly one of the main and that significantly interfere in the rankings of the search engines.

Just as it is important to boost the presence of a brand or company on the web, backlinks are also extremely important to anyone who wants to make money on the Internet 

Interested in the topic? Continue reading below and learn more how to use the backlinks in favor of your business.

What are backlinks?

For those who are not yet familiar with the subject or are unaware of the term, backlink is a link inserted in a text that directs the reader or user to another site.

This link always has some content that is related to what you are reading or searching . The linked subject of a site is always related to the landing page. And this is essential for search engines to understand that the two sites have common links to the content context.

In general, backlinks are links to links that serve to link relevant content between sites and blogs or within a site. This linking is done through hyperlinks (links between pages).

When these links are made, one site will give credibility to another depending on its connected content. It is a way to inform readers and search engines to have a vote of confidence, noting that the linked page is relevant, has special content and deserves to be highlighted.

When more backlinks a page receives, the more it goes up position in the search engines. And the more quality links come from sites that already have a certain authority on the internet, the greater the relevance that this page will receive, standing out even more in front of the others.  

What are backlinks for?

Now that you already know what backlinks are, it’s time to know how they work and how they can help your site appear in the first results of the search engines.

A backlink works as a reference on a certain subject. And it serves to endorse the authority that some website or domain has on a certain subject.

In other words, a backlink is like the “buzz marketing” of the search engines. It indicates which types of content, pages or domains are considered the best, most interesting and relevant among billions of other web pages. 

Quite simply, this is what happens when we look for a professional of reference to meet some need. As an example, see the conversation below: 

Did you get what happens to that? This same page begins to be so referenced and used in other sites that, over time, also begins to receive more traffic, more mentions, more quotes on another page and to become known in that specific niche.This spontaneous indication is what happens with backlinks. The more natural a website starts to be quoted and referenced on other sites, the more search engines understand that that page needs to be highlighted over the others.

It is a snowball that can, over time, convert with increased site billing, as well as higher amounts charged in advertising. All because of the online presence of this referred site.

The most common types of backlinks

Although it seems to be one thing, backlinks have variations that perform specific functions within a site or that may change depending on the strategy adopted by the company. Let’s meet some more important ones?

Link Juice

The idea of ​​link juice is based on Pagerank, where a site considered extremely relevant “donates” its relevance through a link to another site with lower Pagerank.

In a simple way, it is as if a renowned scientist of authority made mention of another lesser-known scientist in his studies. It’s a way of endorsing that other site is also relevant.  

Internal Link

As its name suggests, these are internal links and used to direct the user to pages within the same domain.

This type of backlink serves to keep readers “stuck” for longer on a website or blog.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is a portion of the text used to make a hyperlink. It’s just where users click to be directed to another content or page.

The anchor text is also ideal for generating domain authority over some keyword.

Nofollow Links

This is a somewhat “controversial” kind of backlink in the sense of its effectiveness, as there is no way to fully know if your actual attribute works.

In general, it accompanies the “nofollow” tag and indicates that the suggested hyperlink should not be considered or followed due to its doubtful or questionable reliability or authority.

Dofollow Links

As opposed to “nofollow”, this type of backlink confirms that any link accompanied with this tag should rather be followed.

In a way, these are the links that confirm that the referenced site is trusted and has relevance in what it proposes to offer.  

How Backlinks Influence SEO Strategies

Knowing the main types of backlinks makes it easier to understand why they are so important to SEO strategies.

Understanding all this is very easy, considering that the search engines consider more important those sites or blogs that are referenced by others of equal or greater relevance.

But before you think that you just go out there “exchanging” links with all kinds of websites, know that what matters most now is quality and not quantity.

This means that search engines (mainly Google) will prioritize links to sites that contain a good PageRank. Or that it has a relation with the subject of your site or blog and, mainly, that its content is well elaborated and relevant for the user.

Conclusion: What are backlinks and how to work with them

Backlinks are essential for anyone who wants to have a relevant and well positioned site in search engines, especially Google. However, it is not easy to get good references.

One of the most effective ways is to search for influential sites and blogs with good PageRank and try a win-win partnership.

However, as I said before, it is not enough to think only of the quantity, but rather the quality that these backlinks can offer to build the reputation and positioning of your web project.

Finally, the main factor to get good links is to look for websites and blogs that have a direct relationship with your business and thus invest in content that adds value to everyone. Especially for the user. 

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