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One of the goals of all those who have space on the internet is “be in evidence” and need to create an SEO link. Sure, the network is a place where lots of information is created in seconds.So, for your page or brand to always be highlighted, you need to take some steps and increasingly improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or, in other words, its relevance in the pages of search. Want to know how to do this?It’s simple! Have you heard of Link Building? With it, you elaborate several links that will take the user to your page, thus increasing its relevance in the network and search engines.Yes, it is from the links that the site receives, that the search tools evaluate the reputation and importance of the web address. And this is how you will increase traffic, viralization and ranking of your website.If you are more interested in this technique and want to know how to do Link Building, we have created a post with tips and ways to use LB to get more relevance to your content in the network and increase traffic to your page.


The issue of SEO Link Building is the creation and sharing of URLs that can lead internet users to your page.And to build your LB well, you need to take some action. That way, you’ll be able to get great results and reach your goals more easily:


To begin with, you should have good planning. You should therefore try to divide into a spreadsheet the themes and campaigns in which the created links will be distributed.You can also discriminate the domain of your site or blog that will be accessed by the link, the URL used, the anchor text and the submission date of the link. With this control, it will be easier for you to design your Link Building strategies.


The anchor text is that small set of words, usually highlighted, that will be visible in a hyperlink. Therefore, it is very important and should be well elaborated. To create your anchor text, you must use keywords that will be fundamental and that will be in evidence in the search tools.For example, if you want to use a hyperlink to link to independent music content. You should use, as anchor text, terms like “indie music” or “alternative music”, etc.


When planning the creation and dissemination of your links over the network, you should also take some care. Remember that doing LB does not boil down to creating numerous external links and that’s it.You must do a constant and continuous work. So schedule yourself and try to keep track of the timeline you’ve organized.For example, if you plan to create two or three links per week, try following this order. This way you can manage the links that will guide the audience to your pages and allow your links not to be turned off.


In addition to ranking your web page, another benefit brought by Link Building is increasing the number of hits to your content. Yes, the logic is simple: if you have great relevance, you will certainly have more visitors. But, you can potentiate these LB effects.To do this, it is very easy. Once you have drawn up your links, you can use social networks to share them.If your target audience perform these actions within platforms like Facebook. Twitter, Google +, etc., your content is more likely to be .And, yes, all of this will be considered by search engines when selecting the most relevant pages on the web.In addition, there are those social bookmarking tools like Delicious, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Google Bookmarks, which can also contribute a lot  .

If a user of these platforms favors any page or any of their posts, the links produced can also help raise your page in the web ranking.When you do a job and someone spends a little bit of link building is + – like this:

Increasing the relevance of your content on the internet can seem like a daunting task. But, everything can be simplified if you adopt measures that will enhance your SEO, such as Link Building.By sharing links and spreading your pages on various sites on the network, you can find ways to stand out in the vastness of the web.


Among the rules of effective link building is to develop good partnerships. In order for your blog to find space and make it public, you need to build your network relationships and build your team of content partners. With them, you will make your page stronger and will achieve ways to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).To increase your group of partner blogs, you should take some steps that help you build stronger relationships on the network, thereby getting great spaces for spreading links and structuring your anchor words.Do you want to know what these measures are? So check out this post that we elaborate with tips to find your partners and practice link building!


Before you e-mail and request partnerships, search the content of the blogs and sites on which you want to link to your page. In order not to risk receiving negative responses or embarrassing situations, read the guideline and editorial line of all articles and posts that potential partner publishes on the network.Also, this is a good strategy to get room to create guest postings and increase the traffic of your page.So do not hesitate to learn more about the content you post on the blog you want to partner with. This way your chances of reaching an agreement will be greater and you will avoid frustrations.


After conducting a search and finding the blogs and sites with which you plan to partner, it’s time to submit your proposal.To do this, navigate your own pages and also make sure that you understand the proposal of the blog or partner site, the style of your posts and the way they present the information.After this study, plan how you can work in partnership. 


If the conversation between you and your prospective partner is progressing, present your work to him – surely he will want to know more about what you have to offer.This way he will feel more attracted to the idea and allow you to associate your content with his. With this, you will begin to build your links and anchor words to be served in the space provided by it.


According to experts, the idea of ​​”the more pages and links you create, the better your traffic” is outdated.After the creation of Google Penguin, the search engines are behind the quality of the information. So to have relevance in the network, it is not enough to create ephemeral partnerships to spread your links around. Focus on stronger relationships and the drafting of lasting agreements.A great way to do this is to keep a constant update on the partner website or blog and allow it to do the same.Both win out and the relationship between authors is best used.Networking partnerships are key. By recruiting allies, you improve your SEO and website traffic and consequently your chances of success increase.So find partners, introduce them to your content, and build your link building strategy. You just have to win.What would be ideal for a secure link-building? There is no perfect example, but here is one way I use it to avoid problems:

15% of comments on blogs.

10% of customer messages. Total 25%

10% of directory site links. Total 35%

20% social media links. Total 55%

10% of links from other blogs. Total 65%

20% links to content, applications or tools on your site. Total 85%

5% paid links. Total 90%

10% of connections in forums. Total 100%

This is not the exact mix of links the ideal is not to build just one type of link.You need at least five different tactics to build links that you can use on a regular basis. Once you find an effective and easy way to build your links over time you will achieve more access and authority.Diversify your links. This is one of the best protections to avoid problems with some update of the search engine algorithm. I learned this the hard way.See where your competitors are getting your links.Try to analyze each competitor and I know and notice that it can take days, hours and even months. Try to analyze no more than five at a time in a week and increase with time.There are several tools that do a great job of analyzing the competition and I will indicate


SEMRush (Free limited edition)

SEO Profiler (Free limited version)

Majestic SEO  (Free limited version)

AHREFs (Free limited edition)



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