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There are numerous doubts about quality backlinks among SEO professionals. The most common are the position of the backlink on the page if it influences and whether it is worth repeating several times the link on a page.I will answer these and other questions in today’s article titled:


What is a backlink?

Backlink means “back link” and nothing is more than the nomenclature used to name incoming links, meaning if your site was linked by another website, you then have a backlink if you have quality backlinks is another story.

The position of the backlink on page influence?

This is perhaps the most frequent question about baklinks.A link is a vote and through it the page that is linking passes link juice (relevancy) to the linked page, however the position of that link on the page that is linking influences how much of relevance the page will pass.Let’s take a practical comparison. On the page below we have two links. The first one is in the first paragraph and surrounded by text. Already the second is a link there at the end of the post, in a single line of text.As a user, which of the two will you see most easily?Certainly most people will see and click more on the first link because it is more visible in the eyes of the reader since it is in the first quadrant of the screen and is inside the text and thus follows the flow of the reading.The second one is at the bottom of the page, a place where many readers do not arrive, because they do not scroll down and are not in the middle of a text, but in a single sentence.Like the user, the search engines will also give more importance to the first link, because if they are more relevant to the users they are also more relevant to the mechanisms.Therefore, the better positioned links on the page have a greater weight.We still have the cases of the footer links and in the sidebar that I will talk about in the next topic.

Quality backlinks in the sidebar or footer

Links in footer and sidebar (sidebar) is another problem. In addition to these links being outside the main text, they are often repeated on all pages of the site, which theoretically would be good, since you will have a backlink coming from each page of the site, but the strength of these links has reached practically zero since spammers used this to gain many backlinks and force the bar with search engines.These backlinks have so little importance and relevance that famous blogrolls when they have a very extensive list of links can even lead to punishment of the site, which gets worse when the linked sites, call back. This is considered exchange of links and even there you will be punished.

Repeating backlinks on the same page

As for repeating links on the same page, it’s no good. Again, theoretically if we have two links on a page, we will have two backlinks, but the search engines only consider a link.The reasoning is simple: For the crawler (a search engine robot) a link is a way forward, and why follow two paths if the two lead to the same place?We can also think in terms of votes. If a link is a vote, when the crawler identifies a second equal link he shouts: – Peer there, you already voted for this guy. And disregard this second, third, fourth vote.So only a well placed backlink on the page is much better than a hidden link at the end of the text or a link in the footer or sidebar.But if he counts only one in the text (on the same page) how to make the best (wrapped by the text) be counted?Example: I have a menu item “Children’s Blouse” and I have a text on the page talking about my page about “Children’s Blouse [link2]” has great releases and blablabla, which would be a better positioned link, how to make that pass the value and not the other?Ideally put nofollow on the second link, so you solve the problem.

Metrics to get quality backlinks

Ok, I said earlier that a link is better positioned inside the main text of a page than a link in the footer and sidebar, for example, but how to know if the page in question is good and this backlink will bring me good results.Will a backlink on a heavily visited page, for example, bring me more relevance and better results than a less visited page?The answer is yes and no!Yes, a heavily visited page will theoretically bring you more traffic as more people will click on that link and get to your page.No, the fact that it is heavily visited does not mean that this backlink will have a high value, because visitation of the page where the link is found is not taken into account by the search engines to pass relevance through the link.

Among the metrics of a given page that make quality backlinks more or less important, we can mention:

  • Whether the link was indexed along with the page or entered later;
  • Time this link exists (links age);
  • The anchor text of the link;
  • The text that is around the link;
  • The number of external links (out of the site) that the page you are linking has.

Learn the the same way you receive links from referrals from other sites use and abuse outbound links indicating other authority sites the internet is a two way route and this counts points for you. Imagine how much traffic (visitors) you spend on the website or are reference and authority sites in which you help with the Google with outbound links to these types of sites.

I hope it has now become easier to evaluate the quality backlinks your site receives and whether or not they have as much strength and importance as you would like them to have.

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