How to use Whatsapp to sell?

Do you already know how to sell by WhatsApp? The time has come to leave your business within the new communication practices of modernity and reach more and more customers.

” How to use WhatsApp to sell ?” This is the question that several managers have been asking since 2018. That’s because in 2016, the WhatsApp application reached the mark of 1 BILLION users, only in Brazil are more than 100 million. Faced with these significant numbers, it is clear why selling through Whatsapp is an opportunity to leverage the revenue of any company. It is undeniable that WhatsApp has become a powerful sales tool, after all, it is a channel where people spend a lot of time of their day online. That is, why waste time calling and often importing someone who does not want to receive a call if there is an opportunity to contact these people quickly and practically for Whatsapp? But of course, every new practice requires rules and common sense for not breaking the limits of communicating with the client in order not to be inconvenient. So check out the following content and see how to use WhatsApp to sell strategically and efficiently.

Advantages of using WhatsApp to sell

One of the main advantages of using WhatsApp for sales is the fact that it is a free application, only being connected to the internet.

Another difference is the possibility to perform several simultaneous activities while talking to someone in this application, since, you can answer the phone, answer an e-mail, attend personally, and in parallel, perform a service via WhatsApp.People no longer have the patience to answer a phone call at all times, on the other hand, answering a WhatsApp message on your Smartphone is quick, easy, and much more convenient for both the sender and receiver.

How to sell from WhatsApp

First, define who will be responsible for communicating via the application.

After all, it would not be wise to leave it in the hands of several people, imagine a negotiation started by a salesperson and then taken over by another person who is not in the context, it may end up sending some disconnected message to the client. The professional who is responsible for managing the communication via Whatsapp needs to be always available during business hours, it should be kept in mind that this is a sales tool like any other and therefore the rules of good customer service also serve for this context. You also need to fit the communication steps via Whatsapp in the overall sales process, after all, you need to have a complete view of how the negotiations and results via the application are working. As for the dynamics of communication, it is relatively relative because everything will depend on the client’s answers and the openness he or she gives to the frequency of the conversation. It is interesting to set deadlines for sending certain messages, for example, the customer who has been giving an answer should only be contacted again for the possible resumption of communication after 3 days. Deadlines of this type will help the practitioner to have an appropriate frequency so that they do not bother the client but also have active and periodic follow-ups noninvasively. Finally, we emphasize the importance of having a full business profile, not only in the description and image but also, and especially, in communication with the client.

Although we are talking about a relationship through a relaxed and impersonal platform, Online Photo Edit Site it is still a relationship between company and client, so the standard should be maintained. In addition, if you are investing in the mailing list it is important not to create a 100% generic message that distances the customer by not generating identification. Therefore, it may be interesting to make custom transmission lists according to specific groups of customers and prospects.

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