You’ve probably heard of Google My Businessor Google My Business. This free tool from Google allows you to create a profile of your business so that it will appear on Google Maps and other Google services. It is a business listing service that works in a dynamic way and attracts the attention of users through local searches. Google My Business should be taken into consideration in a  global digital marketing strategy for your business, be it a small local business, or a digital business.

Depending on your location and the search term, Google will present different company profiles, typically located in the region where you are, as a way to find what you are looking for faster, whether it is a marketing agency, a pizza restaurant or a restaurant. Sushi. Whichever term is searched, Google will always show results from companies that have profiles created in Google My Business. These profiles will appear on the search, on Google Maps, and on the social network Google+. Free.

At the time of writing, I am in Porto Alegre. If you conduct a search for sushi, Google will present different sushi restaurant choices, organized by different criteria, such as proximity, relevance or even quality of the ratings of those restaurants. These business profiles are created and managed from Google My Business, where you can find different tools to effectively manage your business and how it appears to anyone searching on Google.

Why should I use Google My Business?

Google My Business gives you different possibilities to manage a local business and especially, it frees you from the need to understand about SEO ( What is SEO? ) And especially about local SEO ie optimization for local business search engines, which is an even more complex stoppage and that takes into account different types of local rankings factors. Because Google is constantly changing the way people search for information on their smartphones, you may want to pay attention to Google My Business and what it can do for you and your local business.

Here are some of the things you can do using Google My Business:

  • Define the name and presentation of your business;
  • Define the location address of your business;
  • Define the hours of service and the technical specifications of the business;
  • Add contact information like email, phone, or website;
  • Respond to customer reviews;
  • Present photos of your business and / or photographs taken by clients;
  • Post updates on your business profile to warn of any promotion or change;
  • Manage other secondary information about your business.

According to Inter Live Stats, there are about 4.5 billion daily searches on Google, so trying to take advantage of a small slice of those searches and make your business relevant is critical. If you also consider that about 97% of consumers today read local business reviews before making a purchase decision, according to a BrightLocal study , then for a local business, having a proper Google presence is critical.

Advantages of using Google My Business

There are different advantages to using Google My Business, some of them already mentioned above in this article. However, there are many other advantages that stand beyond what is noticeable by a common businessman who has a local business in his city.

1. It is important for the local SEO

For the vast majority of local businesses, it does not make sense to create a website or work with content marketing because of the costs and the need for associated knowledge. However, with Google My Business, you can work on your local business SEO and how it appears when someone searches your city for a related offer.

By working well with the description and information about your business, your business name, links to your social media, etc., you can greatly improve the way your business appears on Google and thereby attract a greater number of visitors to your business.

2. Helps you overcome your local competition

If your competitors are already using Google My Business, they are likely to be attracting customers who might be consuming your business. If you do a good job of configuring your local business, you can make your business more relevant to those who research and buy, outperforming your competitors. Keep in mind that Google takes into consideration several factors to position one local business first than others in the search results. The business that generates the most click-through rate, for example, may indicate a deal most sought after by consumers.

3. Helps you create a connection with your customers

About 85% of consumers today believe more in evaluations of strangers about a local business than do recommendations from friends. This means that if your business receives very positive ratings, you can create a greater connection with your customers and increase the involvement of those same customers with your brand.

It is important that you respond to all your customer ratings and demonstrate that you care about delivering a high quality service, making mistakes and thanking your customers for criticism. By creating a closer relationship with your audience, you will be one step ahead of your competitors in attracting more audiences to your business.

4. Allows you to track metrics in real time

By using Google My Business, you’ll have access to different types of metrics about your local business, such as the number of people who viewed your business profile, how many people interacted with your profile, how many photos you viewed, how many people asked for directions to get into your business, how many people phoned, among other metrics.

Looking at the metrics is critical to helping your business grow locally by offering its customers the kind of experience they seek. Track the key metrics made available by Google My Business to understand your audience’s behavior and meet those needs.

Creating and configuring your business in Google My Business

To help you properly set up and set up your business on Google My Business, follow all the steps below. Try to create a business profile that is as useful and complete as possible. This will help your potential customers understand that your business is truly reliable and that you care about providing the most complete and detailed experience possible.

1. Create your Google My Business account

To create your Google My Business account, go to  and click the green “Start Now” button in the corner upper right. To create your account, just have a Gmail email address. If you already have, just log in with your email data.

2. Set up your business data

In the next step, Google will introduce you to different steps for creating your local business profile on Google My Business. The first of these steps is the name of your business, which is actually the name of your business. It is advisable to use keywords in the creation of the name of your local business, such as “restaurant” or “company”.

Imagine that your local business is a Japanese restaurant called “Ozaka”. If you write the name of the company as “Japanese Restaurant – Ozaka” this will help you find it more easily when doing a local search and will position your local business ahead of your competitors.

In the next step, we have the location address of your local business. Put as detailed information as possible so that it is easy to find your business and especially so that it fits into Google Maps when Google adds your local business to your listing of business profiles.

In the next step, you can select the category that best matches your local business. Start typing something and Google will present you with a list of the top business categories. Select one, and you can add others later if you wish.

In the next step, you should put the contacts of your local business, namely your phone number or WhatsApp and also your website, if you have any. It is not mandatory to fill in these details, but logically, if you want your business to appeal to your audience, that helps a lot because it gives you greater confidence for your customers.

Finally, to finalize the registration of your local business, you will have to verify your account. Google will send a postcard with a verification code to your local business address to your address. When you receive the card, you must validate the profile of your local business, in order to enjoy all the tools that Google My Business offers.

After completing your business registration, Google My Business will ask you if you want a free website. In fact, Google My Business automatically creates a basic website for your local business. If you do not have a website or have no possibility to create a website for your local business, it is interesting to take this opportunity. By clicking the “View Site” button, you can view the site automatically created by Google My Business based on the information you have entered.

The site automatically created by Google My Business is pretty basic, but it allows you to modify your template, template colors, edit content and photos, add more photos about your local business, and more. It is a very basic template, but it can be very useful for a small business that is starting now.

You can also work on your SEO and bet on a link building strategy , for example, to make your site more relevant to your users and improve your organic positioning on organic search results pages. Take advantage also to study a bit

Finally, after you publish your site (or simply ignore this option), you should set up all the remaining options regarding your business. As you can see from the left side, there are different options for setting up a local business, such as posts, business information, insights, messages, photos, schedules, users, and more.

I suggest that you set up as much information as possible about your business, such as the times, contacts, name of your business, categories, etc. Also make some posts that will be public and your potential customers will be able to see when they search on Google and find your local business.

Getting more from your Google My Business

Once created and properly configured, your Google My Business allows you to take advantage of the various options available in the backoffice configuration, namely the posts and other features that can improve the user experience and, above all, make the your most visible business.

By setting up your local business right, Google My Business will start by displaying some metrics and statistics about your local business, including performance, with metrics such as the number of search views and views on Google Maps. If you make posts as well, Google My Business will display on the right side the metrics for your last post, namely the number of views of the content and the number of clicks it received.

Once you’ve published and verified your local business on Google My Business, it will start to appear in user searches that pertain to your business and / or search terms related to your business. It is important that you begin by paying attention to how your business appears, what information is being displayed, and so on. It’s equally important that you post new content that can help your audience understand what’s happening again, which promotions are active, and so on.

Once your business starts showing up on the surveys, the Insights tab lets you view key metrics about your business and customer actions, such as the number of customers who accessed your site, requested a GPS route, called you or started a chat. Google My Business offers you several important metrics, so it’s totally relevant that you pay attention to that and focus on improving those performance metrics. The more views your business has, the larger the stream of customers who are visiting your business.

When performing an organic search for a particular search term, Google will present different results. First it puts Google Maps and the local business related to the user’s search. Below this map, the organic results of sites positioned for this same survey appear. In the case above, my digital marketing agency Get Digital  is positioned first in both Google My Business and through SEO positioning for the agency’s website. They are two different things, but two important ways of being relevant locally.

Keeping your profile relevant to Google My Business

More important than creating and configuring your Google My Business business profile, you need to keep that profile relevant. It is common to find deals on a Google search that have their profiles completely outdated, which of course harms the business at all levels. Keeping your positioning relevant and seeking to always improve your profile is key to keeping your business attracting more and more audience.

  • Keep all company data up to date – It’s common to find business with wrong phone numbers or addresses on Google. Try to keep your profile up to date with the correct information about your business, such as address, phone contact, etc.
  • Register dates as holidays and other special days – It is important that you register some important dates like Christmas, Carnival, Father’s Day, among others, as well as local or national holidays, telling your audience if your business will be open or closed on those days, or if the hours of operation will be different. This helps the user and avoids unnecessary travel if your business is closed.
  • Publish photos regularly – Business with photos tends to attract more clicks from users. Try to publish new photo content whenever possible. In case your business is a restaurant, it is important that you publish photographs of the new dishes, for example.
  • Monitor and Answer All Evaluations – Responding to all your customer ratings is critical to making your business more humanized and establishing a stronger connection with your audience. Take your mistakes, apologize whenever necessary, and show great willingness to improve. To accept criticism is fundamental.
  • Make new posts frequently – Google My Business allows you to post new posts to your business profile whenever you like. If you are rolling out some promotion, something new or just something new you need to communicate, create a new post, use a visually appealing image and post it on your profile.
  • Monitor all your business statistics – In the “insights” tab you can track all your business statistics on Google. Stay focused on these data constantly and try to improve those results whenever possible. More people viewing or interacting with your business means more sales.

Ready to make your local business take off?

Now that you know how to take advantage of Google My Business, it’s time for you to register your business and take advantage of this fantastic and totally free tool. Google My Business is extremely important to local SEO and will help your business position and become relevant in the midst of locally searched queries. Taking advantage of this tool is imperative for any entrepreneur who has a local business.


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