How to advertise your business on social networks? Follow these 5 tips and promote your work!

The use of social networks as a lever in the business world is increasingly common. This new guideline holds true for all segments and activities, including architects and interior designers. Knowing how to advertise your business on social networks is the key to new business.Because it is a highly specialized and personalized service, some specific strategies must be adopted to improve the performance in social networks, thus enabling to increase the capture of customers .The contemporary entrepreneur needs to be aware of all these marketing , management and sales tools , so as not to lose market share to their competitors. This is because the competition for space and growth in the internet is becoming more and more competitive.

how to advertise your business on social networks

The first step an entrepreneur needs to understand is that it is imperative to create and maintain professional profiles on social networks, whatever they are. This does not prevent your personal profile from being maintained, but there must be a clear separation between these two types of profiles.

The first benefit of using a professional profile is the credibility and professionalism that this action will bring. In this specific profile, the focus will be on your accomplishments and projects, not your travels, walks, and personal activities.After the first step, several strategies to improve performance in social networks should be adopted. In addition, constant maintenance and benchmarking is also essential, as networks are characterized by the dynamics and speed with which they are updated.

Here are some of these strategies that will help improve your social media performance.

1 – Do not try to sell your product or service all the time

While this strategy may seem paradoxical, it is critical that you understand the logic of social networking. Each one meets a particular user profile and attracts a specific niche .

If the profile of your brand or venture only offers services or products, it runs the serious risk of falling into oblivion. This is because the users have more affinity with the brands that offer benefits, without that implies to buy something.Obviously, the adoption of strategies that increase their performance in social networks have the ultimate goal of increasing sales, but this needs to be done subtly.Before you try to sell something, offer good content, present useful tips and the main current trends in your niche, for example. Show results of developed projects in practice, share testimonials from your satisfied customers, and establish a close, trusting bond with your followers on networks.

Thus, your brand will be seen with good eyes and will be stored in the memory of users, and will certainly be remembered when they have some demand in the area in which you operate.In addition, they are likely to indicate their brand to a relative or acquaintance who is in need of their services, and this circle of particulars makes all the difference.

2- Generate content that makes the difference

In the previous strategy, you must have realized how important it is to offer something of value to your followers. The best way to do this is through content of excellence . This content will add value to the brand and improve its performance in social networks.

In networks with visual appeal, such as Instagram , posting photos and flashy images makes all the difference. However, if you add text to the image that leads to your blog, for example, the result can be enhanced.So do not skimp on creativity and develop content that really makes a difference in people’s lives. Practical tips and suggestions that are part of your daily routine and the routine of your potential customers will be very welcome and will make your brand gain authority in its segment.

This type of posting can give users the feeling that they have a personal consultancy on specific subject matters. If your tips are good, they will certainly indicate your brand to your circle of contacts.Building this reference image, as we said before, is one of the pillars to improve its performance in social networks.

3 – Interact with your contacts

Many brands or entrepreneurs do not know exactly why their professional profiles are not reachable and do not generate engagement with their target audience. In the vast majority of cases, these problems are caused by a lack of interaction with followers on social networks.The current logic in these environments is that of visibility, so every tanning, commenting or sharing must be valued. You need to pay attention and, if possible, spoil your followers a little, as this can help you improve your social networking performance.

Therefore, giving back to those who follow it and especially not letting any comments pass is essential, especially when it comes to doubts and / or suggestions.Answer each question as if it were the last and the most important, since behind a simple response to a comment may be your next client of a great project.

4 – Maintain consistency in posts and interactions

It’s no use creating a professional profile on Instagram, a fanpage on Facebook or a LinkedIn account and leaving them abandoned. It is preferable not to have any of these features to leave them to the flies, without content and without frequent postings.If a potential customer visits these platforms and realizes that the posts are old and out of date, they are likely to give up contacting and requesting a quote.

So, analyze which are the best options in your niche and focus on producing content and posts, always remembering that they should add value and not just be frequent.An excellent option is the programming of the posts, tool available in most social networks. This allows for a prior planning, which can be done on a weekend for example.Another alternative is to have someone specifically dedicated to make posts, respond to comments and suggestions, and track your profile notifications. This type of work can even be outsourced, and yields good results, improving the performance of social networks even more professionally.

5 – Draw clear and defined strategies

Here are some strategies on how to advertise your business on social networks, and how to extract the maximum results from each of them. However, it is you who should draw your strategy of insertion in social networks , so that it can take care of the demands that we show here.With much of his time occupied with projects and the execution of tasks, it seems impossible to reconcile daily work with these demands all that the use of social networks imposes.The key to making this reconciliation is the planning and clear vision that using networks as allies will really make a difference in attracting customers .

In your strategy, consider who will perform the practical work of creating content, posting, programming, and interacting with your followers.As we have seen, if you can not do this personally, due to lack of time, train someone on your team or outsource the service. But under no circumstances should you neglect the power of these new media to attract more customers.

Improve your knowledge of the digital marketplace

Their technical knowledge and their creativity are very important, and they are their differential mainly among their competitors. Their work is unique and, to be increasingly recognized and rewarded, we need to add more knowledge about the new forms of advertising and marketing, especially in digital times like the current one.Learning more about these tools is critical and, in the same way, seeking specific knowledge about techniques and concepts that are constantly updated. So, do not let yourself go after what you can discover today.

In addition to the traditional marketing techniques, there are now several tools and techniques that make it easier for your customers to find your brand or company.As we saw earlier, it is very likely that many of your competitors are applying these new features daily. Therefore, getting behind is not an option.Constantly challenge yourself to know each new disclosure resource and choose the ones that best fit the profile of your venture. And always remember to measure the results and perceive the relationship between cost and benefit of each of the actions taken.

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