Download GbWhatsapp Apk v7.70 For Android [ Updated ] [ 2019 ]

GbWhatsapp Apk v7.70 Download For Free Android Updated  2019

GBWhatsApp was created in 2015 to be one of the best MODs of WhatsApp, perfect for those who like customization and security, downloading the application is very easy, here you have the options: GBWhatsApp updated, colorful , option to change the theme, transparent GB and plus. Download now, see the specs and keep your APP up to date.

Advantages of GBWhatsApp: Being a WhatsApp MOD, the App is much more customizable, as well as being able to upload more images, audios and videos simultaneously. It is also possible to know who is online and at what time!

Latest version of GBWhatsApp: V6.85 (2019) | Last updated: 09/01/2019

Application Size: 26.9 MB

Operating System: Android 4.0+

Requirements: Enable “Unknown sources”> Settings> Applications.

What is GBWhatsApp, why download?

GBWhatsApp is a MOD (modification of the original APK, made by a third company), thus it presents an interface full of improvements and attractive environment, being able to change the theme, font, color and more.The GBWhatsApp APK is designed only for android and has amazing features, it allows you to create 2 accounts on the same device without having to buy another chip.

Main Features of GBWhatsApp

  • Download status image or video
  • Better privacy modes (option to protect the application by password or PIN);
  • Supports video calls;
  • You can use GBWhatsApp, without having to uninstall the original WhatsApp;
  • Hide status from online to offline;
  • Freeze last seen to fool around if you are online;
  • Allows you to send up to 90 images at once;
  • Videos up to 30 MB;
  • Find out who’s online and at what time;
  • Bulk messages can be sent;
  • Custom MOD themes, allowing you to easily change;
  • Thematic tags;
  • Figurines / Stickers.

Updates GBWhatsApp v6.85 (2018)

  • New update base 2.18.327 (PlayStore Pro);
  • [Super Exclusive] – Automatic reply to chats / messages when you’re busy;
  • [Exclusive] Disabled Popup windows;
  • [Exclusive] Ability to manage group administrators;
  • Added – 7 new chat bubbles;
  • Added – 16 notification bar icons
  • Added – 4 tags;
  • Added – 5 emotions icons;
  • Added – Captions of administrator in groups of chat (Mod. 1.2.64);
  • Added – Colored captions of administration in groups of chat (Mod. 1.2.65);
  • New language – Hindi (Indian);
  • Fixed – hidden conversations that open up phone and dialer issues;
  • Fixed – hidden conversations opening and showing problems in the widget;
  • Fixed – App Widget Open when screen is locked;
  • Fixed – failed on some devices;
  • More bug fixes.

GBWhatsApp Colorful

You can leave your GBWhatsApp colored, changing the colors you will leave the App to your face and more personalized just like your cell phone, for example, if you have the white cell phone, you can change the GBWhatsApp and leave it with lighter colors clean On the other hand if you have the cell phone in black or darker color, you can put colors like Red, Blue, will stand ball show.

But it’s not just the color you can change to change the look of GBWhatsApp, you can change font, icon and more. Changes in which the classic WhatsApp is already pre-defined and unchanged.

How to change the color of GBWhatsApp?

For you to change the color of GBWhatsApp is very simple, simpler than you think.

  •  Click on the three dots that are vertical in the upper right corner of the screen;
  •  Next you will see the themes option, click download themes;
  • 3rd Done this will open pre-defined themes for you to download, now you must choose the theme that you like and apply;
  •  Ready you have a GBWhatsApp that is your face

You do not need root access to install GBWhatsApp on your mobile phone, so it’s easy to install, the coolest thing about GBWhatsApp is that you can change many other things, see the following topic in GBWhatsApp.

Looking to Download GbWhatsapp Apk Latest Version Updated 2019? Then, you have Landed at the right place! Here in this post, we have added the direct download link of gbwhatsapp latest version apk 2019.

We tested the GBWhatsApp, see what we think:

We downloaded and installed GBWhatsApp, we noticed that the apk has the same appearance as the original WhatsApp, but when you start browsing it, you can change the theme, fonts, colors and security related issues.

The strength of this modified or alternate WhatsApp is that specific functions are created for it, such as uploading heavier files, putting digital to access the apk, and many other functions that only exist in GBWhatsApp.

The downside is that GBWhatsApp does not update itself, so it’s important to be aware of GBWhatsApp 2019 , and not miss any news.

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