Difference between Inbound vs Outbound Marketing

Do you know the differences between Inbound x Outbound? If not, you do not have to worry any more: here you’ll know everything about it to be able to create much more assertive strategies for your company.

With the advancement of technology and the advancement of the Internet, Marketing has undergone a major metamorphosis.

This is because from this revolution it was possible to develop new ways and methods to invest in capturing and in relation to new clients.

Thus, the more invasive practices, such as the common paid media in Outbound Marketing, the more traditional, were giving the most subtle space.

We are talking about Inbound Marketing, a methodology that respects the consumer space and approaches it through relevant content to educate it so that it can make the best decision.

But just as the internet did not end the television, which in turn did not determine the end of the radio, the two practices can coexist, just knowing which is best suited to the needs of your company .

What is Outbound Marketing?

Also known as Traditional Marketing, Outbound is an active way of attracting customersthrough the media.This is because it consists of identifying the public potential of a product or service to approach it with some approaching techniques.To this end, mass communication channels, such as TV and the Internet, are the main means of the methodology, since with them it is possible to reach as many people as possible.In this way, such a strategy can be considered by many as intrusive, after all the consumer is bombarded by a campaign without having asked for it and be interested in the product.So much so, according to surveys by marketing agencies, 86% of people said they have already skipped TV commercials, while 84% did not think twice before leaving a site because of an advertisement.

As this can mean a certain disadvantage, to improve the capture and the relationship with the clients a new methodology was developed: Inbound Marketing .

What is Inbound Marketing?

The concept of Inbound Marketing is based on the principle of attracting and converting clients spontaneously through passive practices.

That is, in this methodology is not the company that goes to the customer, but the opposite .

This is because here the idea is to educate the consumer market so that it understands your problem and arrives on its own the conclusion that the best solution is your product.For this you need to know your potential client well, because in this way you can create a relevant material that meets your needs.After all, remember: the internet has facilitated access to information, so consumers are much more demanding and are looking to know which product will offer the best value for money.No wonder anyone who invests in this approach can already reap good results.Research conducted by marketers indicates that anyone who feeds their contact base with relevant content can see their sales opportunities increase by 20% and still spend 33% less than other methods.

Meet the Inbound x Outbound Differences

As we can see, the differences between Inbound x Outbound start from the beginning because while the first part for passive prospecting, the other is active.And this premise makes Inbound more cost-effective , because a more targeted strategy will deliver better results than one that works with a larger audience and not always interested in what the company has to offer.So much so that according to surveys of companies in the industry, who elects Inbound as the winner of the Inbound x Outbound battle spends 62% less for each lead generated.In addition, within Inbound you can track real-time performance and modify a strategy, if necessary, to deliver better results.That’s because as his fuel is content, you can measure by the response of the audience if it is pleasing and take the necessary steps to please if necessary.

However, since this is an organic process, it takes patience to collect those results with Inbound, unlike Outbound, which presents them more quickly.

differences between Inbound x Outbound? Start creating assertive strategies right now!

In this publication you can finally put a stop to all your doubts about the differences between Inbound x Outbound.And he saw that Outbound is nothing more than the good old way of making targeted ads to the mass audience.Meanwhile, Inbound has the principle of consumer education, so that it decides on its own that your company is the one that will offer the best solution.But for this we need to invest in producing relevant content and show who has done it has reap great results in their companies.If you want to know more about this strategy, check out the content on Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing .

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