7 Tips for Increase Instagram Growth

7 Tips for Increase Instagram Growth

Have you ever wondered how the great personalities who gained popularity through Instagram began?

The social network created by a Brazilian and an American in 2010, quickly grew and became the preferred application of thousands of people to share photos and follow the lives of friends and celebrities. To get an idea of ​​this success, in September 2017, the social network reached 800 million monthly active users, and 500 million daily , with its consumers spending about 60% of the day online.


With this huge popularity, it should not be an easy task to get network space, and the fight for likes and engagements is more and more fierce. Imagine then how these people who started out of nowhere, without any previous followers, managed to stand out among the thousands of profiles?

Many of these personalities live only from their work on the internet and lead the lifestyle of a  Free sider , for example, with freedom of space and time, without being attached to fixed hours and specific places to work.

In addition to posting specialized content to their followers, they are able, through their publications, to engage people from diverse segments with their daily tasks.

If you got here, you definitely want to increase your popularity in Instagram, so let’s tell you how you can also start moving your profile on the social network and becoming a reference for your followers.

Before showing the seven tips, stay tuned to this practice!

Do not be tempted to buy packages of followers, this is not the best alternative for your business, I assert. If you are considering using this medium to grow quickly, I urge you to rethink your marketing strategy. 
Buying users on Instagram means you’re adding in an unorganized (paid) way a huge amount of followers that will quickly become embellishments on your profile. It will not do you any good to have an X number of people following your Insta if they do not fit the characteristics of your target audience. It will be like shooting in the dark, you can get some people interested in your type of content, but that depends entirely on luck and not on planning.


In addition, these additions include a fair amount of fake profiles and inactive users. That is, users who will not interact with your posts, enjoying or indicating your profile to friends.


Know that number, by itself, does not guarantee sale or authority. It is extremely important that you consider conversions, engagement, and other metrics that are not just vanity. Now that we’ve covered this subject, we can continue with the article and talk about the seven tips that will make your social networking profile grow from scratch. Come on?

  1. Do a search on your audience

The first step to be taken to gain followers on Instagram is performed outside the social network.

It does not matter if you are a person who wants to share your daily moments, an artisan restaurant that wants to attract customers from your region, a startup that wants to become known, or a blog that wants to have a presence on Instagram. Regardless of your segment, you should know at a minimum who you want your follower to be.

Find out what the characteristics of your audience are: how old is he on average, what income, what language is used by him (this is very important), and any other information that is relevant to define his person.

A persona is the fictional representation of your ideal audience. It relies on real information about the behavior and demographic characteristics of your audience, as well as creating your personal stories, motivations, goals, challenges, and concerns.

A good explanation of what is persona is precisely the contact with your target audience, so that in a quick analysis you can identify common points among the potential consumers of your product / service.

With this knowledge in mind, imagine how your person would be present on Instagram.

Sometimes this response comes quickly, for example, if your audience is composed of mothers, you can find them in pictures of babies, or along with larger children.

But what if you wanted to reach out to people organizing events, what photos would they be in? Which hashtags would they use?

In some cases, your audience may have more than one persona, and as a result, you should define different ways of achieving it.

  1. Define an editorial line

Come on! Now that you’re familiar with your audience, define an editorial line for your profile.

Editorial line is a model used by communication vehicles that determines the logic by which the company sees the world, indicates its values, points its paradigms, influences decisively in the construction of its message and consequently guides the characteristics of the publications.

This is a great strategy to be used by any person or company that wants to grow in instagram, because  content is the key to winning your followers . Think of them being bombarded every day by profiles like yours and will be selective when choosing which ones to follow.

A profile with bad pictures or content, without a defined frequency and random themes will hardly attract anyone’s attention.

  1. Post every day

Yes, that’s right. You will have to post at least once a day, every day, at the beginning of your actions. Then, when you already have a good base of followers, you can set a lower or higher publish frequency according to your audience’s preference and behavior.

This is necessary because, obviously, anyone who reaches your profile and realizes that there is no regularity in the posts or that the timeline is practically empty will not have an interest in following you.

  1. Do not underestimate the hashtags


Many people use hashtags as a “negritation” of terms and phrases to match their images on Instagram. In fact, hashtags, in any social network, are links to certain subjects and have enormous potential. They are the ones who feed Instagram!

To get started on the social network, alongside your audience search, look for the most used hashtags by your potential followers and use them frequently in your posts.

You can abuse a lot! There is no limit on hashtags for a post. The more people use that hashtag daily, the better. It’s interesting that you use them in the first comment of the post not to “pollute” the post caption. If you want a more complete guide to using hashtags, click here.

  1. Follow Your Followers

That’s kind of obvious, is not it? But many companies and profiles that start on Instagram ignore this practice. They think they will be frowned upon in the social network if they start following many people.

In fact, a very large discrepancy between the number of followers in your profile and the number of people you follow creates a bad image. Such a profile ends up being taxed as fake, and almost always as uninteresting.

But this is how you have to start: following your audience. Do not let the number between followers and the number of profiles followed make a big difference. Also, stop following people who do not follow you back after a few days.

There are some tools that automate this process, but be careful when using them. Instagram has a policy that does not allow these tools and sometimes end up blocking the account, so ideally you separate yourself a few minutes of the day for this activity, that “little work”.

  1. Explore the potential of Stories

You can position your action in Stories as an added bonus for anyone who already follows your profile. After all, who does not like to have extra accessible content? Thus, your brand becomes much more fun and engaging, as well as the sense of intimacy that functionality allows.

This initiative will generate proximity and urgency in the user. Stories is a great tool for sharing more content with your audience without overloading your feed.

  1. Pay Attention to Direct

Responding to a direct sent by a follower breaking the “distance” that usually exists between an influencer and your audience is what makes social media so valuable to marketing, and direct provides exactly that.

There are a few strategies that make it possible to use this feature, such as allowing users to submit questions about the products or services and get an individual answer, and if it’s a common question among them, post a clarifying question. Send photos of “thank you” to those who somehow help your performance, send coupons, postings or searches to your ‘tops’ followers, etc.

But do not forget, use marketing tactics in moderation, Instagram is still a very personal platform and the most successful companies and public figures usually sell discreetly and smartly.

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