13 Tips on Using LinkedIn for Business

An exclusive social network for professional relationships? Exist! LinkedIn is one of the most famous social networks in the world. To give you an idea, the CEOs of every Fortune 500 company have profiles on LinkedIn, and more than 2.6 million companies have pages there. So I decided to write this post on how to use LinkedIn for companies.The biggest function of the network is the possibility of offering and applying for job openings. However, by applying the correct marketing strategy , LinkedIn can offer you much more.

That is, LinkedIn is the social network that can help drive your growth goals for your business and leverage your recognition in the area. With our 13 tips, you’ll be able to close more projects and expose your work efficiently.

But first, why use LinkedIn in your digital marketing strategy?

For architectural and interior design firms, LinkedIn is a great tool for building a solid networking foundation and prospecting new business customers.In addition, you can interact with people from the same area and exchange experiences. So be aware: these people can provide you with connections for future business.

Get now 13 tips to get the most out of social networking

1. Create a page for your business

LinkedIn offers the ability to create personal profiles and business pages, much like Facebook (and if you have not yet created your page,.Business pages have specific sections for the presentation of products and services, and like Facebook, your followers will receive through the feed all posted updates, such as phrases, status, links and images.

2. Rank better at Google by customizing your URL

One of the best practices of using LinkedIn for business is having customizable links because they help your personal / professional profile to be found more easily on Google.To edit, select the settings icon next to the URL that LinkedIn makes available, next to your avatar.Business pages need to request a URL change on LinkedIn support.

3. Do you want international business? Set up your profile in other languages

You can configure profiles in more than one language on LinkedIn within the same URL. Just click the arrow next to the “View profile as” button and select the “Create profile in another language” option. The information will be mirrored and you can translate it to the language of your choice.

4. Post photos! Many photos!

Explore the greatest feature of your work: the look! LinkedIn is not a social network that prioritizes the use of images as much as Pinterest or Instagram , but you should also take advantage of the space to display your projects executed.Always move your profile and update your photos regularly.

5. Describe your business accurately

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn is the ideal social network for people to find more information about you and your business. That is, the more additional information you enter, the greater your credibility on the network.You can enter descriptions, slogans, and market sectors that you work with. 

6. Fill in all possible fields

LinkedIn really allows you to describe your work in depth. Try to fill as many fields as possible so that people are well aware of what your business is all about and what their differentials are. Have you worked with causes, philanthropic organizations and volunteer projects? Consider listing them as well, since all the details make the difference when closing deals. A lot of people sin precisely at this point because they still do not know how to use LinkedIn for companies and fail to update all their data, however minimal.

7. Create a content calendar for your network

This is perfect for securing your authority in your area and sharing the backstage of your experiences on the most varied types of projects through small stories. Or, who knows, make small publications with curiosities about your process and present to your followers that you really know what you’re talking about.The advantage of this type of use of the tool is the possibility of becoming an influencer: your profile will be sought for questions from colleagues and laypeople in the area.But beware: following this idea, you should set a regularly scheduled content agenda and pay close attention to writing your written content.Remember how to use LinkedIn for companies, because every detail matters, since the tool is used exclusively for professional relationships. No content available there is mere entertainment – you will be evaluated in a general way.

8. Create and participate in groups

On LinkedIn, networking is imperative. So the groups are so important : in them, professionals with an interest in a certain theme or market are able to open discussion forums and exchange experiences in a direct way.Actively participating in these groups can be a good way to strengthen your brand and your benchmark position in the market. Meanwhile, setting up a group allows you to send emails to all participants.Within the group, praise for good behavior, not “selling” your company, but contributing to the growth of all participants with their professional experience.In addition, it is important to maintain a good frequency of interaction, to obtain relevant results in building your authority and recognition. But again, cherishing good behavior and using common sense: avoid excessive postings, or emails, not to be boring the group.

9. Improve your positioning

According to an internal report, users are almost 50% more likely to hire a company than LinkedIn. Through a well-fed profile with relevant and frequent posts that explore your potential, customers will be much more likely to get in touch with you when you need them.The tool is essential for you to position your company with high value clients, really interested in quality work – like yours!Try to tailor your content to your audience to increase your organization’s opportunities to build reference relationships and attract new projects.

10. Increase leadership

The value of your business can be explored on the social network, through your publications and relationships with other users, by answering questions and sharing experiences. This all results in a higher level of networking and increased followers.

11. Relevant Relationships

So far, you must have realized that the biggest advantage of using LinkedIn for companies correctly is to increase the credibility of your company.Higher credibility also means that you will have a greater opportunity to build relevant relationships  within the network: the more quality your page has, the better your public image on a global scale and the greater the quality of customers you can prospect.

12. Research your customer

LinkedIn searches can be anonymous or not. But if you choose to conduct a prior research on the prospect to be prospected, do so publicly.You will have detailed information about the company and its professionals that may be useful at the time of prospecting. The more intelligence you get in advance, the greater your advantage to convert a prospect into a customer.It’s even better if the company knows you’ve done your homework, right?

13. Generate new potential customers organically

You can advertise on LinkedIn, but following all the previous tips on how to use LinkedIn for business, your profile will be solid enough to attract new followers in an organic, quality way, and that will happen naturally.The more interesting content you publish, the greater your chances of attracting new visitors to your page, which will convert to work aligned with your profile.Do you know colleagues who use LinkedIn, but without applying a marketing strategy.

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