10 tips on how to create landing page

Knowing how to create quality landing page is an essential point in all digital marketing campaigns. In this handy guide you will learn how to develop the perfect landing to convert your leads.

The space mission aims to increase the conversion rate of your company. The best men are ready, ready for takeoff.Check marketing tools. Check relevant and quality content. Check email engagements. Check landing location …Houston, we have a problem!Did you see?! Your digital marketing campaigns are like a real rocket. They can achieve stratospheric results, but nothing will go far if your leads do not have a good place to land.Here’s the importance of knowing how to create landing page, after all, they are literally the landing page of your site. Hence, they are the definitive moment that guarantees the success of your online actions to convert leads.

Are you ready to learn more about landing page creation? So let’s count the 10 tips:

1. Create titles and engaging texts

When a visitor accesses your landing page, what’s the first thing he sees? Yes, the title, also known as headline .For that reason, right on this first line your page should tell you what it came up to, impact, engage and conquer the lead. This will hold your attention and interest you in other information.At that point, knowing how to make a good landing page is completely tied to copywriting techniquesThis is because this way of writing has the power to activate the mental triggers that can lead the reader to practice the action desired by the writer.In addition to the title, other page texts should be created using these techniques. That way, your landing page will have better conversion results.To help you with this task, we have these interesting content on what copywriting isand how to write texts .

Now, after producing a title and engaging texts, it’s time to worry about the appearance of your landing page.

2. Be considerate of the layout

If it is the layout of the landing page, it needs to be the clearest and simplest. Here, any designer would tell you less is more.After all, the information needs to be easily seen and understood by the visitor. Pages with lots of elements and information can cause confusion and discourage reading.Therefore, when creating landing page one must know how to use the so-called ” blanks“, that is, with no text or image.This is because they are responsible for differentiating and highlighting the elements, from the texts to the CTA buttons. In addition, they facilitate reading by making the reader’s understanding of the benefits clearer.In addition, it is very important to take into account the well-known rule of visual hierarchy . That is, the most important information should draw more attention.To do this, just leave the relevant elements in more prominence, with larger size.But you do not have to be a great designer to create a page with high conversion power. Just know a good tool to create landing page drag and drop.

Another important way to highlight information is to take advantage of the contrast of colors and we’ll talk about this next.

3. Enjoy the contrast between colors

Colors have triple importance on the landing page. So, you should pay close attention to which ones to choose at the time of creating yours.First, the color contrast should help to highlight information, make reading easier . That way, on a white background, for example, it makes sense to use black letters or on a navy blue background, use white letters.This is also one of the key features that can establish the visual hierarchy of your landing page.For example, CTA’s should always have a different color and contrast with the background in which it is inserted . In the case of the navy blue background of white letters quoted, the ideal would be to use a call-to-action of red or green color.In addition, when creating a landing page, the colors must also be aligned with the visual identity of your company. Thus, the visitor will feel more secure identifying a brand he already knows.By following these rules, you’ll be able to create a powerful landing page, but you need other tools to make sure it gets your readers’ attention. So let’s talk about eliminating distractions.

4. Delete menus and other distractions

This tip is simple, but very important. If the intention is to get the information on your landing page to receive full attention, you must reduce all possible distractions.

Therefore, deleting menus is essential to your page. This prevents visitors from getting confused with unnecessary information and finding options to leave the page.In this way, the path to be followed by him becomes even clearer, almost as if there was no other option but to interact with that page.However, deleting the menus does not mean that you should eliminate all possibilities of the player. Your landing pages can have links, few and good.

5. Links, few and good

While on your landing, the visitor may have doubts about the operation of your product or the reality of the benefits stated there.

However, you should not fill your page with texts or elements trying to convey this information in more detail.So a good way to solve this problem is to insert links when creating a landing page. They will be able to take the reader to other content that clarifies the doubt or proves the promised result.But do not forget, once the visitor has left the page, the chances of coming back significantly decrease. Therefore, the use of links should be extremely moderate.To not even risk the error, many marketers prefer not to use them, transmitting this information directly on the page in a simpler and more compact way.After all, proving what you promise is extremely important. Incidentally, we’ll talk about this in the next topic.

6. Present social proofs

Social proofs make an extreme difference in the power of conversion . After all, the reader is much more likely to believe in his results when he learns about other people.When a satisfied customer talks about your company, it conveys greater credibility to your promises, making your product or service more reliable.There are a few ways to do this. Simple quotes with quotes from satisfied customers accompanied by good photos, for example, may already be enough.Or, images of customer comments on the company’s social networks are another interesting alternative.But if you want to impact the quality of what it offers, the most effective way is the videos.

7. Bet on videos

Videos are the real darlings of the public and digital marketing. This is because they have a higher engagement rate than all other forms of content.In their landing pages, they can have two extremely important functions to increase efficiency.The first, as we speak, is to bring social proof to the reader. After all, photos and comments can be edited, but videos are guaranteed that that customer is real and satisfied.The second function is to answer any questions of the reader without needing additional links or long and confusing texts. What’s more, some people prefer to watch speech by following a reading.With these tips, you will gain the customer’s attention and trust. So now it’s time to convert it.

8. Enter forms

Forms are the central part of your page. After all, it is he who will be responsible for capturing the necessary information from your lead or even transmitting the necessary confidence in a credit card registration.

So a good landing page depends a lot on a good form. Without it, not even the most beautiful landing page with the best text is able to convert.The first point about forms is their size and question types. These characteristics will greatly depend on the phase of the sales funnel in which the reader is.A first-time visitor on the page probably will not be willing to fill out long forms or provide more sensitive information. At that first moment, the best thing to do is to use a short form asking for the email.Already for more qualified leads, you can enter larger forms and request more personal contact forms like the phone. This is because he already has greater knowledge, confidence and interest in the product or service.Another important point is the position of the form within the landing page. As we have seen about the information hierarchy, it needs to be detached from the other elements, drawing maximum attention.However, no form will be attractive enough without a good CTA. And the next tip is exactly about it.

9. Use good CTAs

The CTA has the function of demonstrating as clearly as possible the action that must be performed within that landing page.For this reason, all previous tips on landing page creation apply to CTAs.Then apply copywriting techniques, visual hierarchy, and color contrast on them, positioning them clearly and in a larger size than the other buttons on the page.

For this, the use of some tool to create landing page drag and drop may be all you need.

10. Maintain objectivity

In this last issue of our countdown, we will emphasize something that has been said several times in this content of how to create landing page.You have to be objective and simple, after all, your page needs to get right to the point. The path to be followed by the reader’s eyes must be clear and the action to be taken must be obvious.So remember objectivity when creating each element of your landing page, from the texts to the final design.By being objective, you can work out all the information needed for conversion by requiring the least amount of time and attention from your visitor or lead.

So your chances of conversion will grow significantly.

Take off!

Attention, base! Landing completed. Our mission to the planet conversion was a success.In this content, we have seen all the elements necessary to create landing page with high conversion rates.To do this, we talk about the importance of applying copywriting techniques in the texts of your page, making each word have an impact on the reader’s mind.Also, we have seen how essential it is to worry about design, to follow the visual hierarchy and to take advantage of the contrast between colors. Thus, your landing page will be able to capture and keep the reader’s attention.In addition, we deal with the importance of social proofs in convincing the reader. They ensure greater credibility to your product or service, especially when transmitted through videos.Last but not least, we highlight the forms and CTAs as essential elements of a good landing page.

Now astronaut, it’s time to explore this new world of digital success. Until the next mission of the blog of Ideal Marketing.

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